How to end a seven days straight blog post?

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Seven days ago I started a seven day blog entry streak as an ENGL3238 requirement. At first I didn’t like the idea of making a blog very much. But sincerely it has really been a lot of fun (much more than I expected). The fact that from every post you make you learn and the people can learn and enjoy your posts it really brings a lot of satisfaction. It doesn’t matter the time it took you as long as you see that one, two, twenty or any number of people read your articles it fills you.

The title I picked for my blog was ‘’How to’’ because I focused on making 7 ‘’How to’’ blog entries. The main purpose was to teach something new to people that they wouldn’t know. That’s why I picked very different kind of themes for the blog entries; from making a delicious pizza to finding the absolute truth.

The most thing that I liked about this assignment is that I’ve learned a lot on making a blog. Also what are the tools needed to attract people to your readings. In addition the priorities inside a blog, what should go first and what can go after based on the visitors need.

Here are my blog entries in order from day one to day seven:

Day 1: How to make the best pizza in the world!

Day 2: How to teach your dog to sit?

Day 3: How to make a DASH diet?

Day 4: How to know when your body is losing fat?

Day 5: How to make a simple cardio workout for begginers?

Day 6: How does aerobic exercise benefit our cardiovascular system?

Day 7: How to find the absolute truth?

Finally I want to thank everybody that spent some of there valuable time reading some of my posts. I also want to thank all the people who gave me advice on what I had to change and what I should add. This might not be the end of the blog, I will be doing another one based on kinesiology.



How to find the absolute truth?


When we are born we do not choose which are going to be our beliefs. But our parents and our culture really has a big impact towards what we are going to believe, maybe for the rest of our lives. So it becomes very difficult to believe in anything else or just actually accept other points of view. We have made a shield in which we stay behind if someone is talking about another belief and we automatically reject it and we accuse them that they are wrong.

It is sometimes so hard to see the world and other people’s beliefs through an objective lens. In the worst cases we end up hurting people or earning enemies. This act of intolerance is what separates us more from each other.

There are so many beliefs this days and everybody claims that their belief is the right one. But how do we know which beliefs of all in the world is the correct? The answer to this question is pretty easy… none. There is a thinker called Krishnamurti that once said: Nobody can give you the absolute truth, you have to find it.

When we are youngsters we are like empty computers in which we are programmed and we repeat everything learned from others without applying any reasoning to it. This is why it’s so hard to let go of the ‘’belief programming’’.

We are rational beings, we have a brain, we can think for ourselves and we can make our own conclusions of what we decide to believe. We don’t have to believe in what our parents, the society and the culture taught since we were born.





How does aerobic exercise benefit our cardiovascular system?


Many people do exercise because it keeps them in good shape. But there are so many benefits your body earns and we don’t really know much about them. In the other side there is people who doesn’t do exercise maybe because they are not aware of all the benefits they will get.

The heart is known as the responsible for all our irrational decisions when we are in love. No that’s your brains fault, stop blaming your poor heart. Actually our heart is a muscle responsible for pumping blood to our whole body. Since it is a muscle it can actually be affected by exercise.

Did you know  the heart actually grows in size with aerobic exercise making it stronger and able to deliver the blood to our body with less heart beats?

Because of this your cardiac frequency (heart beats per minutes) will be less in rest.

The aerobic exercise also provokes higher blood pressure within the body, this means it will help us eliminate undesirable products before they become a potential danger (For example: Cholesterol). You can imagine this like a tube which is dirty on the inside, if you apply low pressure of water it won’t get the dirt off, but if you apply higher water pressure it will get free of dirt.

We cannot forget that the heart improves its ability to recuperate under stress conditions. This will result on a faster recuperation after exercise and more body resistance in general. Also the increase of blood pressure during exercise makes muscle develop additional capillary to utilize better the blood and the nutrients it has (resulting on increasing resistance during training sessions). The last one and maybe the most important of all when we are advancing in age is the prevention of cardiac diseases.

Now that you have read this you have a couple more reasons to do exercise. So go out, get fit and get healthy!

How to make a simple cardio workout for begginers?


It’s summer time and we all start to prepare our running shoes, clocks and alarms because we want to get skinnier. Everyone, from younger to older people, like to run a little to get rid of that stomach fat. Then, how can we make a great cardio workout?

The first thing that we have to do is a cardio workout plan. My advice is to make it weekly, programming 3-4 runs. Then, we will have to start working. When we start the workout, it’s very important to warm-up, so we should walk at an easy-going pace for five minutes. After that, we can start jogging at a rhythm in which we sweat, but don’t get tired. The jogging time varies from person to person. If it’s the first time making a cardio workout, it is recommended to be done 15 to 20 minutes.

There’s an important aspect that is not much discussed when talking about cardio, and it is the way in which set foot. According to a lot of exercise journals, it is important to use the whole foot at the moment of walking, jogging or running. The saying that using the tiptoe is the best way to make cardio is a myth. Using the tiptoe can cause lesions in the ankle and, we don’t want to be hurt from the beginning.

When the workout is finished, we should stretch and take a bottle of water, so we can regain all the water that we lost while walking, jogging or running. Remember, to always follow the workout plan with discipline and, to never lost our focus: getting skinnier. After reading this, your body fat must be scared, because now you’re prepared to make it disappear .

How to know when our body is losing fat?

human energy

The excess of fat in our bodies can become a health problem. It will be very useful we know when exactly our body is eliminating fat. We should know that we just don’t get fat from greasy foods like hamburgers, fries, burritos, and so on. Actually the excess consumption of carbohydrates converts into fat which the body stores.

First of all we have to know that our fantastic bodies have 3 main different ways to provide the energy needed depending on our movements effort and duration.

Up next I will be giving a brief description of the energy proving systems:

  • Phosphagens– This system uses ATP and creatine phosphate to provide the energy needed and are only used in anaerobic exercises (this are exercises that require a lot of effort for a short time) for up to 30 seconds of duration.
  • Glycolysis– Unlike phosphagens, glycolysis uses as fuel glucose and carbohydrates. It will take from 90 to 75 percent of our maximum effort capacity for this system to predominate.
  • Oxidative– In this system the fats are used as energy source. It will predominate in long time exercises (aerobic exercise) of minimum effort (75 percent or less of effort).

 We have to understand that this systems are always working simultaneously. It’s not like they have a switch in which one of them turns on and the other one shuts down. But depending on the intensity of the exercise, one system  will  dominate over the others. For example when you jog; the predominant system will be the oxidative (since it doesn’t take much effort and it’s a long period exercise) this way you will be eliminating more fat than carbohydrates.

Aerobic exercises routines along with a good diet should help you achieve your weight goals. Now that you know how your body eliminates fat you are ready to lose some weight.

How to make a DASH diet



I believe that most of you are thinking; what the hell is a DASH diet? Well a DASH diet is basically a diet focused on reducing lower arterial pressure. It was made with the purpose to stop and control hypertension. But what does the acronym DASH stands for? It actually stands for ‘’Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension’’

A list of the basic things DASH aims for a diet:

  • Low on salt, saturated fat, cholesterol and total fat.
  • Based on consuming fruits, vegetables and lacteous without fat.
  • It includes grains, fish, poultry and walnuts.
  • .Limits the red meat consumption, candy, added sugars and drinks that contain sugar.
  • Rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, proteins and fiber.

In a world full of fast foods providing junk foods, we must take care of ourselves for life longevity Following the DASH diet can help you prevent diseases like cancer, osteoporosis and diabetes. Other complications like heart diseases can be prevented with this diet, because of the low cholesterol this diet provides you.

The DASH diet consists of:

  • Full grains (6 to 8 daily portions)
  • Vegetables (4 to 5 daily portions)
  • Fruits (4 to 5 daily portions)
  • Milk and lacteous products with los content or no content of fat ( 2 to 3 daily portions)
  • Lean meat, poultry and fish (6 or less daily portions)
  • Walnuts, seeds and legume (4 to 5 daily portions)
  • Fats and oils (2 to 3 daily portions)
  • Candy or desserts with low fat or no fat (5 or less in a week)
  • Sodium (no more than 2.300 mg in one day)

If you follow this diet you will have a healthier  and longer life.




El Beso 541

Del pensamiento a la creación

Beso_541Mientras tomaba mi clase de Microeconomía, me llamó mucho la atención que el profesor mencionara “…por eso los poetas y escritores solo escriben sobre el primer beso, nadie escribe del beso 541”. Luego de un buen análisis me di cuenta que es cierto. Es por eso que hoy no voy a escribir sobre la emoción de la primera vez que se juntan dos labios, ni de la tristeza del último beso. Quiero plasmar en este papel digital la experiencia del beso 541.

Sí, el número es inventado… no me interesa convertirlos en contadores de besos. Mi intención va más allá. Escojo ese beso porque, además que el profesor lo haya mencionado, me parece que es uno culminante. Así como el ciclista corre su bicicleta con mucha intensidad al principio y, una vez llegada la cuesta más empinada a mitad de camino, baja su intensidad; así como el que levanta pesas…

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How to teach your dog to sit

The dog; best known as the human best companion. Their unconditional love, kindness and loyalty don’t have limits. I bet almost like almost 95% or more of the people at least  had a dog that changed their life. They are not just a pet for those who love these animals; they become a member of the family.

It can be very useful to teach your dog a couple of tricks. It can make a stronger bond between you and your companion, and you can also learn from each other. But for this time we are going to make your dog learn how to sit.

We also have to keep in that the keys for success will be:

  •  Patience
  • Consistency
  • Love

To teach your dog how to sit first of all you need a place where the dog doesn’t any distractions. You might want to get some little snacks that he likes a lot too. The first thing you’re going to do is to position yourself in front of your pet. To get his full attention and grab a snack and put it in your hand and close it tightly so he can’t get it from your hand. Now you are going to bring your hand over and close to the head of your dog (like if you were going to put it in the back of his head). As soon as he sits trying to get his nose into the snack your holding, give him the snack and pet him (Do not say the word sit yet). Keep repeating this procedure until he does this quickly then take a break for like 15 to 20 minutes.

After the break you’re going to start doing this again but you’re going to say the word sit when he is starting to sit as soon as he does, pet him.  Now you’re going the same exact procedure just that this time you are going to do it sometimes with a snack in your hand and sometimes with your hand empty (But remember always to pet him). By doing this you will always have him guessing if you have a snack or not. Repeat until your dog does sit without a snack just the command.

If your dog starts sitting with just by saying the word sit, congratulations you have become a successful dog trainer!                                                                                                                                                                                       

How to make the best pizza in the world!



In our lifestyle, full of stress, we like to eat a lot because it calms us down. One of our favorite meals is pizza. I was very curious about the process of making it, and life gave me the opportunity to learn it. Everything started when I was hired at Thianis Pizzería. Something I can say is that it is fairly easy once you get the hang of it.

First, we have to make the pizza dough. The ingredients of this are… a secret. Sorry, I can’t reveal the recipe, because that would get me fired. Yes, I still work there. But I will be showing you another incredebly good recipe for the dough.

The ingredients needed will be:

  • 7 cups strong white bread flour or Tipo ”00” flour(Recommended)
  • 1 tablespoon of seasalt
  • 2 (1/4 ounce) packets active dried yeast
  • 1 tablespoon raw sugar
  • 4 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil
  • 2 1/2 cups of water

You can now mix all this ingredients on a measuring cup except of the flour. Leave the mixed ingredients resting for a couple of minutes (around 3-5 minutes). You will add the flour once you have mixed well all the ingredients first. After adding the flour to the other ingredients mix it well until you get a smooth dough.

After completing this step, leave the dough on a cup with flour and also put some flour over the dough. It will take around 45 minutes to 1 hour for it to expand (it should double its size) . Once it is expanded, it’s ready to use.  If you are not going to make the pizza right away you could just put the dough in the refrigerator.

Now comes the time when we feel like  professional chefs. We will take the rolling pin, flatten the dough and give it a circular shape, what a mathematician would call: “expand its ratio”. Then there’s a type of rolling pin with spikes, used to eliminate the inside dough air. After this step, we flatten the dough even more until it reaches the tray size. Once it’s done, we apply the sauce in a circular motion from inside to outside and sprinkle the cheese in the opposite direction. For the sauce I would recommend Rao’s Homemade Tomato Basil Marinara Sauce with Basil but if you want to make the sauce from scratch, you can search for other great recipes. Now for the cheese the whole milk mozzarella it’s pretty good its sold in blocks, so you will have to shred the cheese, but its actually worth it.

As the last step, we put it in the oven and wait until the cheese is melted and the borders have a very light brown color. Once  it meets this requirements bon apetit! The pizza is ready to calm your hunger…and stress.

How to…

In this blogging project I will be making seven blog entries in a row for a week that they will all be related by a main theme. After thinking a while for the theme  I finally come with the idea of doing seven ”how to” blog entries.

My first entry will be on how to make a delicious pizza, but for my other six entries I still haven’t chose the topics. My target audience will be innovative people that want to try out new things.